My Number 1 Must Read

If there ever was a book that I wish every single congressman, senator, president and businessman would read, this is it. Hell, this is a book that every single citizen should read. Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell stands head and shoulders above any other book I could possibly recommend.  Sowell may very well be the brightest mind alive today when it comes to economics. He has a very smooth and easy to follow writing style, and I found it nearly impossible to put this book down. What makes this book a great read for everyone is that Sowell breaks down every topic in a way that even the most economically illiterate could understand. Sowell starts at the beginning, what markets and prices are and how they work. He then moves to explain how important profits and losses are to businesses. One of the more interesting topics he touches on include minimum wage laws, market failures, the functions of government in a free society. To read and understand this book, one needs very little to no understanding of economics, Hence the name Basic Economics. I just wish I could get this book into the hands of the likes of Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and the Venezuelan government.  I doubt any of them will ever read this, but we would all be much better off if they would. For those of you who do read this book, (hopefully everyone ever) I would love to hear your thoughts about it, and what affect it had on how you view economic policy.

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