Truths and Myths

The words “Fake News” go around quite a bit today, and there is no question that there is plenty of misinformation that get spread around. It is becoming more and more complected to know what is true and what is false, but lucky for us all, Thomas Sowell is happy to help. In his book Economic Facts and Fallacies Sowell tackles multiple issues that are plagued by misinformation, faulty statistics, or just flat out lies. Covering housing prices and regulations, the “wage gap”, affirmative action, income disparities, racial disparities, and third world inequality, Sowell is sure to raise the blood pressure of those who continue to spread these myths and fallacies. Sowell backs up each and every one of his claims with numerous sources and statistics that shed some light on areas that are commonly disputed. I would recommend this book to anyone who believes in the wage gap between men and women, that affirmative action is necessary and helpful to minorities, or that corporations exploit workers in the third world.


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