Dale Carnegie

While this book is not specifically about business or economics, I think it is an important read for everyone who has any desire to be a leader, work with other people, and to just be happy. How to Win Friends & Influence People is a great guide to improving every aspect of yourself, to help you have more success in life.  At the time of its printing 80 years ago, the knowledge in this book was revolutionary, and to be honest, it still is today. Throughout my life and I am sure throughout all of yours, we have dealt with people who were simply unpleasant to be around or work with. This book is to help you to learn to not be That Guy. Improving on your relationships is a key aspect of making progress in your life, especially if you are want to be in any sort of management role.  Carnegie presents some very simple ideas that can actually be quite difficult to master and put into practice. He recommends that you read each chapter twice, and if you struggle with the implementation of the ideas presented, to just keep trying. Some people never smile, like ever. So forcing yourself to smile more when its something you haven’t done your whole life can be a challenge.  This book will challenge your comfort zone, and will help you achieve new success in your life.

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