Grit and Determination

Fair warning, this post has nothing to do specifically with economics or business.  That being said, I still think it applies to people who are looking to improve themselves. About 3 years ago, I dislocated my shoulder multiple times in the span of a couple of months. Eventually I made my way to an ortho and I found out I had a torn labrum, which would require surgery to fix. I am a very athletic and active person, and I am sure any of you who are that way can understand how devastating and demotivating something like this would be. Shoulder surgery has a long recovery time, and is one of the more painful recoveries one can experience. Needless to say I struggled quite a bit. Since I couldn’t be very active physically, one of the ways I began to fill my time was by reading. I came across a book called Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable by Tim Grover, who is one of the best surgeons in the sports business.  Before I read this book, I was very demotivated about my recovery, and I was honestly lost. This was a fantastic book, that really changed how I viewed what had happened to me. I realized that if I ever wanted to get back to how I was, I needed to completely change my mindset. I now viewed my recovery as a challenge. It took me almost a year and a half, but I eventually made a full recovery, which would not have been possible without this book. I was very motivated after reading it, and the lessons I learned I still carry with me today, and apply it to everything I do. This book helped me to realize the magnitude of power that grit and determination give a person. A great addition to the bookshelf of anyone who aspires for greatness and perfection, you will realize that anything is attainable with the willpower to attain it.


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