A Little Entertainment

For some people, unless you are a nerd like I am, reading and learning about economics can be dull and quite boring. Many of the friends I have made the past few years feel this way quite strongly, and they are not afraid to tell me so. Whenever I come across someone who feels this way, clearly recommending a massive book like The Wealth of Nations will end in them either never picking the book up, or attempting to read it and quitting soon after. So I take a different approach, which is recommending to them the author of one of the first books I read about economics, Michael Lewis. Before I was in the Quantitative Economics program at my school, I was an engineering major, and I HATED it. At this time I was also one of the people who thought economics was very boring, until my friend recommended that I read The Big Short By Michael Lewis. While this book doesn’t go deep into economic theory, it did introduce me to the business, finance, and economic world. The main reason I think that I was able to get through the book is that it was telling a continuous story throughout, while also explaining how things like Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDOs) worked. Lewis has an interesting writing style that is fun and engaging, while also getting all the important information in at the same time. I enjoyed his writing so much that I immediately purchased two more of his books, Liar’s Poker , Lewis’s own story of his time on Wall Street, and Moneyball, a true story about how statistics and metrics would be used to change the baseball world forever. I enjoyed all three of his books quite a bit and have read and re-read them multiple times, and they were essential in the journey I made from engineering to economics.


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