The Father of Modern Economics

The Wealth of Nations By Adam Smith was written in 1776 (the same year the greatest nation in the history of the world was born, yes I am an American and proud of it) and is considered to be one of the most important books in shaping our modern economies. A fair warning, this writing is … Continue reading The Father of Modern Economics


A Little Entertainment

For some people, unless you are a nerd like I am, reading and learning about economics can be dull and quite boring. Many of the friends I have made the past few years feel this way quite strongly, and they are not afraid to tell me so. Whenever I come across someone who feels this … Continue reading A Little Entertainment

Thinking Strategically

How do businesses make smart decisions, especially when they are competing against other businesses that offer similar products? Are professional poker players just really lucky, or is there a skill they have that gives them an advantage over other players? A field of economics, known as game theory, is what is at play in answering … Continue reading Thinking Strategically