Truths and Myths

The words "Fake News" go around quite a bit today, and there is no question that there is plenty of misinformation that get spread around. It is becoming more and more complected to know what is true and what is false, but lucky for us all, Thomas Sowell is happy to help. In his book … Continue reading Truths and Myths


Money, Money, Money

For all of us who are alive today, money, whether it be paper or electronic, is essential to navigating the world we live in. If you want something, you buy it with money, you get a job to make money, everything revolves around money. But when and why did money become a useful medium of … Continue reading Money, Money, Money

My Number 1 Must Read

If there ever was a book that I wish every single congressman, senator, president and businessman would read, this is it. Hell, this is a book that every single citizen should read. Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell stands head and shoulders above any other book I could possibly recommend.  Sowell may very well be the brightest … Continue reading My Number 1 Must Read